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Our customers love these cocoa pods!
I never knew I needed them until I found you!

-Taza Chocolate, Boston, Ma.

Recently I purchased my first order of raw beans, and I am blown away! Not only were the beans expertly prepared for me, but every bean was clean and consistent. The entire experience has me in awe of this wonderful product and its properties. Thank you for shipping so quick and for your meticulous presentation. I cannot wait to order my next bag!  -James Simon


Howdy Jeff, 

I’ve loved your beans. I use the pod I bought as a rattle and I’ve been loving roasting small batches of cacao beans to make infusions. Here’s a link to the articles I wrote for my website. Feel free to use the pictures (the one of the pods on the tree came from Pixabay, but the others are my shots) and links/quotes from the article. I’d love a link back to the article if that’s appropriate for however you use them. Keep up the terrific work of spreading the goodness of cacao and helping build healthy farms and practices in growing these lovely trees. 


 Also, check out my herbal website (http://www.thepracticalherbalist.com) and podcast (http://www.realherbalismradio.com). If you’d like to do an interview for our podcast or contribute an article on cacao to our site, I’m sure my partners would love it. Just let me know. 


 Candace Hunter





Tremendous Help in the Education Process


First I would like to thank you for introducing cocoa pods to the industry.  We have a chocolate factory/store and have added a wine bar and educational facility.  Education is quite important to us here at Fantasy Candies.  I teach classes to those from 5 to 100 years old and use the cocoa pods and beans as an important part of our education.  Each of our high top tables (we seat 36 for a session) with your cocoa pods being the centerpiece at each table.  People are amazed, intrigued etc by touching, shaking and experiencing the beginnings of chocolate.  We also have a tiki hut with a big screen showing a movie where chocolate comes from and how it's made, as well as a showcase utilizing your pods, beans, and our nibs.

These pods have been a tremendous help in the education process as well as being a beautiful addition to our store (they're placed everywhere).

Due to your excellent offers, we are now selling the pods in our shop and providing them to local schools to use as a teaching tool along with the history of chocolate on our site.

Thank you for making these available and affordable.  Used properly, they are a great asset to our chocolate factory/wine bar.

My best,


Joel Fink

Fantasy Candies Chocolate Factory & Fine Wines





Exactly what I needed for teaching

My class topic for their research project this year was chocolate. The dried pod is a great visual aid. It is well packaged, undamaged, smells nice, and honestly, is quite beautiful! Teachers and students both have enjoyed examining it. The price and prompt delivery are great as well.

by Leslie - March 21th, 2015


love my beautiful pods!

Great site! Great service and thanks for the beautiful cacao pods! I need the pods for a TV demo and was searching, hoping to find them. I was at The natural products expo recently and saw some pods at one of the booths. I was excited and offered to buy them from the people at the end of the show. They were unwilling to sell me their pods and acted as if they would be impossible to find elsewhere. Not very helpful at all :-(. You can imagine my joy when aI found this site, ordered the pods and had them show up so quickly! Thank you!!

by Jessica - March 18th, 2015






Just to let you know that my parcel arrived today!

And what a fantastic aroma when I opened up the box and saw the wonderful cacao products! Just wanted to say thank you very much and I will contact you again if I ever need any more products for my new Chocolaterie opening in October. I am sure to put on a good window display now!

by Daniel Jones-Daniel Jones Chocolatier


I am a chocolatier in Australia

I am a chocolatier in Australia, I use my pods for decorative use in photos I also use them to educate students about the origins of chocolate. I was very excited, about receiving my pods. I was also very nervous and concerned about Australian quarantine. So I was very pleased with Jeff, as he helped me throughout the full process all my questions to Jeff were answered and any problems were rectified. I was given a tracking number. This was great, as I was able to keep up to date with the pods journey form Ecuador to Australia. Jeff was very helpful and prompt. Thank you so much !!!!

by Laura Marion, Australia


Hello Jeff!

The pods are awesome! We use them to display our raw organic cacao treats. We attended the Ashland Chocolate festival a couple of months ago, and they were the only cacao pods on display. They really made our booth and display the talk of the show. Alot of folks did not know where cacao comes from, so it was a chance to educate them on the origins of our cacao. Thanks so much.

by www.treetoporganics.com.


Our customers love these cacao pods!

Kids tell us they look like alien eggs and educators love them for teaching students about where chocolate / food comes from. Customers have also been known to scoop them up for home decorating use!

by Taza Chocolates, Boston, Mass.


Instant hit!

The cocoa pods are an instant hit with our customers and add to the atmosphere of fun and fascination from watching us make our chocolates. We have them out for display on our cases, and we use the empty ones as little planters for small succulants that decorate our tables. We get lots of comments and questions - very nice addition to the shop. The quality of these pods is excellent - well dried and beautiful!

by www.arrowheadchocolates.com


I'd been looking for cacao pods for a long time

I'm a jam shop owner, and sell various kinds of world nuts in my shop too. My grandfather opened the shop 60 years ago. And I operates a website at http://jamkobayashi.com/?pid=20747899. I sells your products online too. I'd been looking for cacao pods for a long time.Now I'm happy to find you and get cacao pods.

From Our Client in Japan, Tomohiro Kobayashi


These dried cocoa pods are fantastic!!

I use them in my store to teach chocolate workshops as well as for display on the shop floor, Its really difficult to find these in the UK and having them in store makes all the difference. I'v recently started selling them to schools as a follow up to our talks and demonstrations and a few people have bought them in store as a decorative piece for there home. I even have one in pride of place on my desk back at the office.

by Peter Gardner - Director Chocolate Alchemy Ltd.


Truly great

My experience with these pods are truly great, I got two wonderful pieces in perfect shape that I now can show and talk about when I'm having my classes. It is a perfect thing to be able to have real beans instead of just using pictures.

by Hakan Maartenson, Chocolatier


Everyone loves these cocoa pods!

Customers are amazed to see a real pod.Their eyes get wide and they can't wait to feel it. It helps them understand the quality of our product. We've ordered several times from The Cocoa Pod and couldn't be happier with the quality, price & service.

by Lisa Reinhardt at Wei of Chocolate


We were thrilled with what we received!

We held a special event focusing on chocolate and neededcocoa beans and pods to be able to let kids and familes see where chocolate comes from. We were thrilled with what we received from The Cocoa Pod, and especially impressed with how Jeff went out of his way to make sure we had our beans in time for our event. We couldn't have been happier with the result.

by Betty Collins, Youth Services Librarian at Musser Public Library


They are great.

We purchased the pods for our showroom. They are great. They are used for educational purpose. On a regular basis, we welcome schools or have our own chocolate classes. It is always nice to show to the participants how real pods look like.

by Luc Imberechts at Bakon USA